>John 3:16 Cook: God’s showman.

Longtime homeless advocate, John 3:16 Cook and his wife, Magical Marissa–a witch, metaphysicist and astrologer, sit by their homeless shelter on wheels that once served the Las Vegas community.  Cook, best known for being a street preacher and his several unsuccessful bids for local political office, is currently battling lung cancer.  When I met him for this photo he said his weight had dropped from 180 pounds to under 100. He shared several stories with me like the time their mobile mission was shot with buckshot because certain people didn’t agree with a priest being married to a witch.  You can see the bullet holes in the van between the back two windows in the photo.  The van, which is currently inoperable, sat in the yard next to the trailer the couple rent. I took several photos of the pair but liked this one next to the mission the best.    

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